Dr Alan Moran is a noted economist who has analysed and written extensively from a free market perspective.  

Regulation Economics and associated organisations offer analysis and advice on a range of public policy issues where business and government interact. 

Dr Alan Moran was the Director of the Deregulation Unit at the Institute of Public Affairs from 1996 until 2014. He was previously a senior official in Australia’s Productivity Commission and Director of the Commonwealth’s Office of Regulation Review. Subsequently, he played a leading role in the development of energy policy and competition policy review as the Deputy Secretary (Energy) in the Victorian Government.


Alan Moran has published extensively on regulatory issues, particularly focusing on environmental issues, housing, network industries, and electricity and gas market matters. Most of his many hundreds press and blog articles, submissions, comments and other publications can be found on this web site. 


In the case of energy his work includes responsibility for the Australian chapters in a series of books on world electricity markets, edited by Fereidoon Sioshansi.


His most recent book is “Climate Change: Treaties and Policies in the Trump Era” published in 2017 by Connor Court. He assembled and contributed to a compendium Climate Change: the Facts published in 2015. Earlier works covering the interface of economics and environmental issues include Markets, Resources and the Environment 1991 and The Price of Preservation 1993


Among his publications on housing regulation is a book, The Tragedy of Planning, which was launched by the Federal Treasurer in August 2006.


He published (with Warren Pengilley) Regulation of Infrastructure in 2007.


He was educated in the UK and has a PhD in transport economics from the University of Liverpool and degrees from the University of Salford and the London School of Economics.