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Environment Publications

Australia's faunal extinction crisis:

AEF Submission to Senate Environment and Communications References Committee

Submission to Senate Environment and Communications References Committee Inquiry into Faunal Extinction Recommendations 1. Recognise that there is no species eradication crisis in Australia; 2. Protect existing property rights to the maximum extent possible and fully compensate landholders for regulatory imposts to promote biodiversity

The Future Use of Public Lands:

A report prepared by Regulation Economics for the Prospectors and Miners Association of Victoria - December 2019

An Assessment of the Gillespie and Midas Social and Economic Analysis for the Victorian Environmental Assessment Council’s (VEAC) Recommendations for Public Land in Victoria’s Central West.

International Treaties, Global Warming and Greenhouse Gases


While international agreements are as old as arrangements for peaceful co-existence between different bodies of people, there has been a vast increase in number, size and scope of these agreements between sovereign states in recent years.

Use of Economic Instruments in Pollution Control : The Respective Merits of Taxes and Tradeable Permits

Tasman Economic Research

Economic instruments are designed to bring about cost effective pollution control. This involves sheeting home to the emitters of pollutants the costs they impose on others, and providing incentives for emitters to reduce those costs.

Recycling Costs and Benefits

Tasman Economic Research

There is always a trade-off between re-using material that has been previously manufactured or harvested and preparing the material from scratch.  Recycling can be readily seen in activities ranging from building materials used as filler for new buildings through re-used bottles to second hand clothing. 

The Environment and a Prosperous Economy: Applying Market Solutions to Environmental Issues

Tasman Economic Research - 1991

Capitalism with its emphasis on individual gain will always be vulnerable to attack from the lofty heights of moral rhetoric.  Traditionally the role of wide eyed prophets, taking up the cudgels for such attacks in the present era have been charismatic pop stars and actors.

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