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Competition Major Publications

Inquiry into the National Access Regime

February 2013

Submission to the Productivity Commission Inquiry into the National Access Regime

The Adverse Effects of Government Actions Against Cartels

January 2009

Government intervention against cartels is seldom effective and sometimes counterproductive. Competitive firms may conspire to push up prices and profits, but this is difficult to achieve for a lengthy period of time. Firms have different costs, market prospects and objectives and price or market share agreements break down because of:

A new single desk for Western Australia?

July 2008

Submission to the ACCC interested party consultation in relation to Cooperative Bulk Handling Limited (CBH) exclusive dealing Notification N93439

Competition and the cartel crusade

IPA Review, January 2008

Many high profile businesses were ludicrously targeted by anti-trust laws, in the light of their obvious lack of market power.

Is There Market Power in Australian Electricity Generation?

Address to the ACCC 2004 Regulatory Conference 29 July 2004

How the Deities Approached Monopoly

Review of National Competition Policy Reforms


Submission to the Productivity Commission’s Review of National Competition Policy Reforms

Market Contestability

Address to the Conference Competition & Regulation in the Energy Industry 15 March 2002

Opening up electricity and gas markets to competition forces retailers to seek better ways of meeting the needs of customers more cheaply and ensures that cross subsidies are made known.

Review of the National Access Regime

Inquiry by the Productivity Commission into the operation of Clause 6 of the Competition Principles Agreement and Part IIIA of the Trade Practices Act 1974

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