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‘Force-feeding' renewables into the system will be 'precarious’ for Australia
10 April 2023

“force-feeding” renewable energy into the grid will create a “precarious” situation for Australia going forward. “The more of these stable and controllable power sources that you close down, the more precarious the power supply is,” 

Cost to transition to clean energy
21 December 2022

Energy economist Alan Moran says $500 billion to transition to clean energy is a total "furphy". "It will cost a lot more than that, something like $6 trillion," Mr Moran told Sky News host James Morrow.

Nuclear - power of the future
11 August 2022

“Nuclear is more expensive than coal and is likely to remain more expensive than coal, but it is a great technology,” Dr Moran told Sky News host Chris Kenny.

‘Ain’t seen nothing yet’: Electricity prices expected to keep rising

27 May 2022

Renewable injection into the electricity market is subsidised, consequently driving out coal. Coal needs to operate 24/7, so making renewables a preference in the market, that means coal has to adapt to them, and thas to close. 

Renewables substantially increasing prices 
21 February 2021

Regulation Economics’ Principal Alan Moran says Australia’s renewables push is “very unlikely to be successful”. “Renewables just are more expensive,” Mr Moran said. “At the present time, renewables are increasing the costs of our electricity quite substantially.”

Sun Cable proposal was a billionaires' ‘ego project’
13 January 2023

Sun Cable’s recent proposal was an “ego project” for billionaires Mike Canon-Brookes and Andrew Forrest. “There was a lot of people taking it quite seriously for a while,”  “Even though if it was to be successful, it would have broken a great many records.”

Impossible to run State on 95% renewables
26 October 2022

It is “absolutely impossible” for Victoria to run on 95 per cent renewable energy with current technologies. Premier Andrews wants Victoria’s energy network to undergo a mammoth transformation that will result in a 95 per cent reliance on renewables by 2035.

Australia has ‘crucified’ the coal industry
8 June 2022

A transition to renewables is a transition to a “much more expensive form of electricity than the one we have already”. “  We have vilified the coal generators,” We’ve prevented them from getting access to coal.We’ve taken away their social license."

Wind displacing coal

19 April 2022

“It’s not the market operating, it’s the government operating. Governments are subsiding wind … the (policies) are actually cruelling the whole profitability of coal and promoting wind which is intrinsically less profitable.

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