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Taxation and Spending - Major Publications

Modelling, Schmodelling! How to rationalise policies that would destroy the economy

Catallaxy Files, 25 July 2018

In a reprise of the feeding of the 5000 with five loaves and two fish, the Energy Security Board has offered salvation for the Australian economy with the National Energy Guarantee (NEG).

Submission to inquiry into the Mineral Resource Rent Tax Bill 2011 and related bills

December 2011

Minerals Taxes & Carbon Taxes

Submission to the Senate Select Committee on the Scrutiny of New Taxes

October 2010

Programs Identified with Negative Benefits

As a result of interventionist policies built up over many years, many functions undertaken by the federal public service provide negative value-added services. These entail costs to businesses and individuals in responding to them, diversion of resources to accommodate their requirements and the effect of them in displacing commercial activities where such activities perform useful tasks.

Soaking Up The Poor

The discriminatory taxes on tobacco, alcohol and gambling fall particularly heavily on poorer people, on average, those having the lowest fifth of income levels pay some $15 per week in taxes on these goods and services

December 1996

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