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Industrial Relations Articles:

End of union monopolies undermining the economy?

Catallaxy Files, 23 November 2016

For the September quarter building and construction work is down 11 per cent compared to last year. This release is a memory-jerker reminding us what we confront in terms of the monopoly boosted costs of this essential component of capital investment. On the Bolt Report of 21 November, Kimberley Kitching refused to criticise the CMFEU, arguing that the union had been good for its members. John Slater of the H.R. Nicholls Society takes a contrary view arguing that the winners are the union chiefs and ordinary members lose out. Unless John Slater was addressing a broader definition of worker, Senator Kitching is likely to be closer to the mark, just as the 1980s highly protected car assembly industry or the worker controlled postal and electricity monopolies were good for their workers. They were, of course, especially bad for their customers and bad for the economy as a whole.

Trade unions as irrelevant as they are costly

Herald Sun, 9 July 2015

HALF a century ago more than 60 per cent of employees were trade union members. Today it’s 17 per cent. Even that overstates union membership’s importance since, in addition to employees, the workforce also includes two million non-union workers — businesspeople and contractors — more in fact than there are union members.

Shortengate: the facts and implications

Catallaxy Files, 14 June 2015

Shortengate contains so many threads that it could unravel not only his and others’ political carrears but the entire corrupt and feudal structure that is Australia’s unique industrial relations system. Remember, we have the only system in the world where a judicial body determines what the pay rates should be for the vast majority of workers. And that system is run as a retirement home for Union lags and ALP-friendly lawyers. Anthony Klan has asked 10 questions that need to be answered in a case that would fall within racketeering laws if it were to be addressed in the U.S.

EastWest road link a casualty of CFMEU control of the Victorian Government

Catallaxy Files, 2 April 2015

I have been intrigued about why Daniel Andrews canned the Melbourne East West road link. The standard answer to save inner city seats does not wash as those seats were always going Green and in mollifying the inner city denizens he aggravates potential users from more winnable seats in the East

Unions create a shadow during our time to shine

Herald Sun 25th July, 2014

Why Paul Howes is almost right on energy costs

Herald Sun 7th March, 2014

Reality is yet to reflect optimism

Herald Sun 10th January, 2014

Labor's choice an unfair work in progress

The Herald Sun 29th November, 2008

Fair pay wil lead to unfair results

Herald Sun 26th July, 2008

Writing on the Wall for Unions and Labor Party

Australian Financial Review 24th June, 2002

LIES and Statistics

Australian Financial Review 27th April, 2002

Fox-Lew Bid Could Present Wider Dangers to IR Reform

Australian Financial Review 1st December, 2001

Union Muscle Chokes Business to Death

Australian Financial Review 4th October, 2001

Pursue productivity in order to slash the costs

Herald Sun 11th November, 2011

Danger from Trades Hall

Herald Sun 15th March, 2000

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