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Green Snouts Sniff a COVID Windfall

Quadrant Online, 16 April 2020

The Pope, deprived of the counsel of Cardinal Pell, the Church’s most astute voice, foolishly called coronavirus “nature’s response” for failures to act on climate change. It was, therefore, hardly surprising that coronavirus would be recruited to push for additional renewable energy subsidies to reinforce those that have already created today’s high cost, low quality electricity. Coal Wire, an anti-fossil fuel publication, was quick to swoop on a Harvard study that said the pollutant PM2.5 exa

Madrid: the climate catastrophe juggernaut trundles on

Spectator Australia, 20 December 2019

As well as nation-states, an astonishing well-funded 2,330 NGOs, many with multiple delegates, fronted up to this month’s Madrid climate conference. The macabre festival was re-located from Santiago because the Chilean populace had risen in revolt about the higher prices foisted upon them by its government following the green gods just as faithfully as the virtue signalling textbook says they must.

Cheaper power coming? Blink and you’ll miss it if our Paris goals remain

Spectator Australia, 11 December 2019

There is a panoply of agencies regulating energy at the Commonwealth level and not all of these seem to be rowing in the same direction. The main agencies are • The Energy and Environment Department with 490 staff in energy and greenhouse — plus another 454 in its dependent agencies: Clean Energy Finance Corporation, the Clean Energy Regulator and the Climate Change Authority;

Standby for next week’s UN doomfest for climate crazies

The Spectator, 18 September 2019

The push is on ahead of the upcoming UN Climate Summit to be held next week in New York. Although the most senior world leaders, Donald Trump and Xi Jinping, will not attend, the UN claims that 100 heads of state will. The official Climate Summit is proceeded by the Youth Summit to be attended by autistic rock star Greta Thunberg, yachted in from Europe at great expense to avoid burning fossil fuels in aeroplanes.

The Green Robe of Climate Justice

11 February 2019

Being open-minded and impartial, as his tenure as a judge requires, we can take for granted that Mr Justice Preston read more broadly than the warmist epistles of alarmists and climate careerists cited in his judgment against the Rocky Hill coal mine. Alas, the views of less excitable climate scientists failed to get a mention Last week, the senior judge in the NSW Land and Environment Court, Mr Justice Brian Preston (left), rejected the Rocky Hill coal mine’s application to operate for a

The Liberals’ Downhill Racers

Quadrant Online, 27 January 2019

Could this be a coincidence? Zali Steggall, former Olympic skier and admirer of Malcolm Turnbull, is to contest Tony Abbott’s seat of Warringah. At her launch on January 27 she said her decision to declare as an independent was motivated by a desire to promote the “sensible centre”. That term is code for climate change, the issue which is supported by agitprop from the massive funding that scurrilous and self-interested entities have at their fingertips, courtesy of funding for renewables, Gre

Reaping the fruits of political sabotage of the electricity industry

Catallaxy Files, 25 January 2019

The third world nature of Australia’s electricity industry was revealed this week with wholesale prices in Victoria and South Australia at the maximum $14,500 for lengthy periods in spite of thousands of customers being cut-off, major users agreeing to shut down demand in return for compensation paid by consumers, and even some oil plants being called in. The causes are clear. For twenty years, Australia has embarked upon a subsidy program for intermittent, unreliable and costly wind and solar

Banks pretend to be virtue signalling while plundering electricity consumers

Catallaxy Files, 21 January 2019

In the salad days prior to 2015, before governments’ destructive interventions undermined Australia’s stable low-cost electricity supply, electricity as a topic of general interest hardly figured. Any concerns about power blackouts just did not reach the front pages or the late-night news bulletins. At that time the National Market had about 50,000 megawatts (MW) of capacity, about 80 per cent of which was coal with gas and hydro providing the balance; with the exception of wind/solar, which ha

The Australian Energy Regulator’s wholesale electricity market performance report

Catallaxy Files, 9 January 2019

The more desperate the situation of an industry, the more reports and regulatory overseers’ governments require, blind to any recognition of an industry’s malaise being created by their own actions. And so, with electricity we have an alphabet soup of regulatory agencies analysing, advising and fiddling. At the Commonwealth level we have the ESB, AEMO, AEMC, AER and ACCC all seeking a place in the sun. On top of this are state regulatory agencies and conventional line departments. Then we ha

The ALP’s emission reduction dreams will strangle the economy

Catallaxy Files, 23 November 2018

Over the past decade, we have spent $70 billion on wind and solar. Here are some statistics from BNEF, not uncoincidentally, the venue where Bill Shorten and Mark Butler yesterday launched an outline of the ALP energy and climate policy.

Labor’s energy deal: Shorten facts, but you’ll pay more

The Spectator, 21 November 2018

Sucked in by spurious claims of the loss of 99 per cent of all coral reefs, mounting natural disasters, a permanent drought in the Murray Darling, and illusions that fossil fuels are archaic, Labor is preparing to announce its energy policy. Earlier this week, in a dummy run, Energy spokesman Mark Butler claimed, in the context of apparent public support for renewables, that we can up the government’s 23 per cent renewable energy share, which includes about eight per cent of (currently unsubsidi

The Diabolic Policy Dilemmas Created by Previous Energy Policies

14 November 2018

Regulatory measures – subsidies for wind/solar – have wrecked the Australian market, driving up prices and increasing supply costs. And the policies have created wind and solar capacities that have on-going effects, which cannot be unwound by simply allowing the subsidies to run their course, since this will exact an increasing toll on energy costs. Countervailing subsidies to coal generation cannot solve the problem since, with existing policies in place, a subsidy to one or more coal generat

Real people put living standards above virtue signalling on climate change

Catallaxy Files, 26 October 2018

Leftist Economist Joseph Stiglitz, coming to Australia to collect the human rights activist “Sydney Peace Prize”, is not the only dreamer urging a carbon tax for Australia and proclaiming that climate change was not a liberal conspiracy. ​ As Chris Kenny notes the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) are also virtue signalling their support for such economy-crushing measures. Oblivious to the fact that the carbon suppression agenda is really only confined to the sclerotic EU, 50 p

Socialism will impoverish you, but it won’t solve climate change

The Spectator, 25 October 2018

Writing in the Guardian, Geoff Sparrow is not the first person to call for a socialist “dictatorship of the proletariat” as the only means of markedly reducing emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. In a curious conflation of this with surveys that appear to show an attraction to socialism in the part of young people, he argues modern capitalism means ruination of the planet as well as Marxian impoverishment of the worker and “the steady destruction of social welfare, a preposte

The Bitter Fruit of a Bad Green Marriage

Quadrant Online, 10 September 2018

The service was conducted by the high priests of alarmism, with politicians pledging their love for rent-seeking renewables promoters as a media choir sang of the wonders to come. Yes, we've seen wonders aplenty -- obscene power prices, economic hobbles and the further corruption of science. ​ Comments from Josh Frydenberg and Mark Butler show that neither the Liberals nor ALP understand – or, perhaps more accurately, admit to understanding how carbon policies are destroying the economy. Both

Wasteful investment in wind/solar has a negative value

Catallaxy Files, 2 October 2018 ​

A breathless piece by the Guardian’s Calla Wahlquist announced that Victoria’s renewable energy boom set to create six thousand new jobs. And yet the head of the renewable energy lobby group, Tristan Edis, was downbeat because the subsidies are being phased down. This is the group that claims subsidies are not really needed (or is it will soon not be needed?) because the wind and solar technology as made such colossal leaps that they are now (or will soon be) on parity with that archaic fossi

Is there logic in Bjorn Lomborg’s climate change proposals?

Catallaxy Files, 15 July 2018

The Australian’s opinion piece writers on the energy and climate change issue include Judith and Henry as well as Maurice Newman, Chris Kenny and Graham Lloyd. They are all doing terrific work in addressing the myths and self-serving agitprop that has the main political parties in thrall. ​ But where does Danish statistician Bjorn Lomborg fit in with this? Articulate and courageous, he converted himself from being a member of Greenpeace and a climate change believer into a skeptic of sorts.

Turnbull’s chosen energy supremo says wind is cheaper than coal

Catallaxy Files, 5 May 2018

n Thursday, at the Energy Users Conference, the government’s chosen head of the chive quango running the electricity supply industry, Kerry Schott, remarked that coal plants could no longer compete. According to The Australian (her speech has not been made public) she said “you are unlikely to see a new coal-fired generation plant unless there is a change in technology and a decline in the price of coal”. Had she simply wandered off her politics-free advisory role and opined that, given the lev

The Warmists Are Starting to Sweat

Quadrant Online, 7 October 2018

Here's a prediction you can take to the bank: the ABC and Fairfax will be running even more inane climate-scare stories than usual. Why might that be? Because the US has taken its money and departed Paris, threatening climate careerists with the unsettling prospect of finding honest work. ​ Over the next week the report being finalised at a United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), meeting in Korea, will see an outpouring of alarmist material. Doom-laden factoids and fo

Carbon taxes: many losers, some winners

Catallaxy Files, 10 October 2018

In a Wall Street Journal opinion piece, Bjorn Lomborg drew attention to the inconsistency of the global warming costs and benefit estimates made by newly minted Nobel Prize recipient William Nordhaus, and the alarmist IPCC climate review issued out of Inchon. Lomborg, is a believer in the global warming myth but tends to think the money spent alleviating it is better spent elsewhere (his socialist background does not allow him to include an option of leaving the money with its owners!)

Australian energy policy driving us on the road to Venezuela?

Catallaxy Files, 31 July 2018

The absurdity of the oxymoronic “National Energy Guarantee” continues. ​ Minister Frydenberg is urging all the states to sign onto his carbon tax with its fairyland projections of declining electricity prices on the back of higher roof-top investments. (The Government and its advisers did not get the ACCC’s memo that this subsidy should, in line with developments in the UK and China, be eliminated). But the renewablesphile, fossil fuel-phobic state and territory ministers are dithering becaus

Energy Battlegrounds and Furphies

Catallaxy Files, 13 April 2018

I have this piece in this morning’s Australian which addresses the direction of energy and climate policy in light of Josh Frydenberg’s Press Club address. Aside from demonstrating how the renewable program has wrecked the electricity supply industry and brought a doubling of prices, it has two main themes. First, it demonstrates that government statements bend the truth in saying that the National Energy Guarantee (NEG) will be neutral between energy sources.

Emissions and the meeting of energy ministers

Catallaxy Files, 19 April 2018

Ben Potter, who as a useful idiot, was leaked a copy of the National Energy Guarantee (NEG) report by the Victorian Government, reports today that the states are likely to sign off on the NEG at their meeting tomorrow. Potter is excoriated by Terry McCrann in today’s Herald Sun for his pandering to green energy myths. ​ NEG has twin features of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the energy sector together with a measure that ensures wind supply has a firming contract to compensate for its

Australians suffer as big emitters get a greenhouse gas free pass

The Australian April 13, 2018

Environment and Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg’s tour de force at the National Press Club on Wednesday and his opinion piece on this page yesterday show a man on top of his brief and using it to smite the ALP and the Greens as well as those on his own side promoting direct investment to counter the continued damage being done by renewable energy subsidies. Renewable subsidies

Is renewable energy competitive?

Catallaxy Files, 10 November 2017

Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg is now on his way to the UN conference in Bonn to pay obeisance to a global warming fraternity strengthened by two new members (Nicaragua and Syria) to the loss of merely one (the USA). Renewable energy (other than Politically Incorrect hydro) is the UN’s posterchild. Yesterday, two boilers from the last coal power station in South Australia were blown up. Apparently not in relation to the demolition, SA Premier Weatherill tweeted “coal is dead, long live renew

Frydenberg: Saviour or Suicidal?

Quadrant Online, 5 January 2018

In the slow news period that is the first few days of the year, The Australian broke a story about dissension in the Coalition ranks regarding the “in principle” decision, announced by Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg, to allow Australian firms to acquit their carbon dioxide emission obligations by buying overseas credits.

Opinion polls on green energy: a glass half full

Catallaxy Fie, 31 October 2017

There is some interesting material thrown up by today’s release of the Newspoll results on climate change. One interpretation is that a majority of respondents would prefer to leave the Paris Agreement, which the Government uses as justification for green energy policies, in light of Trump having already so opted, if this “could result in lower electricity prices”.

End the renewables rorts now for cheap power

The Spectator Australia, 17 October 2017

The government’s abandonment of the expanded renewable energy target that the Finkel report recommended represents a careful compromise. The Prime Minister remains a rusted on fan of renewable energy which he considers marks the future. Malcolm Turnbull has put himself through multitudes of hoops to salvage this prospect – including the absurd plan to implement Snowy II and pump water uphill to allow it to supply more profitable time slots.

Labor threatens renewed land expropriation to meet greenhouse emission reductions

Catallaxy Files, 6 October 2017

Among the egregious instances of government property theft, planning regulations contain some of the greatest calumnies. And, within planning regulations, a stand out is the conspiracy of state and federal governments of allegedly different political stripe to seize rural property values without compensation as a means of meeting emission reductions of greenhouse gases.

BHP Billiton’s ‘green activism’ comes at a price

Herald Sun, 28 September 2017

AUSTRALIA’S mining skills have enabled BHP to become one of the world’s largest companies. But big firms often become overly bureaucratic and their management seeks to engage in matters well beyond the daily grind of trying to maximise the wealth of shareholders. And so it is with BHP.

Liberal, Green and ALP politicians conspire to destroy the economy

Catallaxy Files, 24 August 2017

Yesterday, Malcolm Turnbull, unveiling the plans by Pratt for new investment in containers said, “You know everything my government does is designed to encourage Australian businesses to invest.” The absurdity of this was underlined by Anthony Pratt informing us, “Our cost of energy in America is 2½ times lower than Australia.’’ One fifth the costs of the Pratt business’s production is energy and the facility is only possible by providing subsidies to the in-house production of this. Here is

Regulations create super profits in electricity supply – will Governments move to seize these?

21 July 2017

Environment and Energy Minister, Josh Frydenberg has assailed the Queensland government for presiding over (if not conspiring to produce) an outcome in the electricity market which has enriched the state government coffers by $1.5 billion (actually over four years). Following a reorganisation, the previous three generator portfolios, directly owned Queensland were collapsed into two. It is doubtful that the two businesses were actually formally coordinating their bidding (actions that are ille

Anti-Coal Energy Policy will Hit Living Standards

Herald Sun, 9 June 2017

With the 2015 Paris Agreement to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, Australia and other countries followed a course pursued since the 1990s. This involves forcing and bribing electricity consumers to substitute wind and solar power for coal. ​ Malcolm Turnbull has made abandoning coal-based energy a signature policy. He made a key green entrepreneur, Alan Finkel, his Chief Scientist and tasked him with reviewing the electricity market. The Finkel review is out today and will canvas

Energy policy: Finkel Twinkle Little Star

Catallaxy Files, 9 June 2017

Predictably, the Finkel report came out with a concealed attack on coal – a new tax which Finkel falsely described as “all carrot and no stick”. This is to cut in at a politically specified level of emissions with those power stations emitting more CO2 per unit of energy than this paying for credits and the subsidy going to the ones emitting less. Sounds like a carbon tax and it is one. The papers took their predictable stances, ones that totally disregard the facts that coal is easily the che

Make the World Great Again

Catallaxy Files, 1 June 2017

I will be announcing my decision on Paris Accord, Thursday at 3:00 P.M. The White House Rose Garden. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! That’s 5 am on Friday Eastern Australia time. Always a reliable advocate for economic harm, The Guardian sets out the “five worst things Trump” has done on climate change (appoint Pruitt to EPA, cut EPA budget, demolish the regulatory “Clean Power” plan, climate change programs, Open up federal land and waters to drilling, approve new pipelines) And Scoop reports Trum

Whither the Paris Climate Change Agreement?

Catallaxy Files, 29 May 2017

The media battle lines are set on the Paris Climate Change Agreement with Politico hoping that Trump will continue to “study” the issue Trump himself said he’ll make the decision this week while Marc Morano says he already has already indicated Clexit to many confidants. Formal withdrawal is largely academic as regards the US itself since multiple steps have already been taken to abort its effect. These include far reaching attempts to roll back the layers of permitting regulation stemming f

$190 carbon tax needed to meet Paris Agreement

Catallaxy Files, 21 March 2017

The Finkel inquiry into the energy future got off to a bad start with its preliminary report erroneously claiming all this wind and solar we are seeing is being driven by technology and consumer demand when it is clearly a function of government regulations requiring consumers to buy exotic renewable energy at three to four times the cost of the coal fuelled supply it is replacing.

The Paris Agreement, Trump, Turnbull and Tesla

Catallaxy Files, 13 March 2017

On the night Malcolm Turnbull became Prime Minister, Julie Bishop was quick to step in to forestall him responding to a press question about Australia’s future global warming/emissions policy. She said, as Malcolm was collecting his thoughts, the policy remains the same. Turnbull, flanked by Bishop and Frydenberg, announced the ratification of the Paris Agreement the day after Trump’s election victory in full knowledge of the President-elect’s determination to pull the US out of its economical

Subsidised renewable energy: from little things bad things grow

Catallaxy Files, 24 February 2017

In his outstanding address launching the compendium Making Australia Right, Tony Abbott offered a fivefold agenda. Malcolm Turnbull recognised this as, in effect, throwing down a leadership challenge. The key feature, as when Turnbull first lost the Liberal Party leadership to Abbott, is energy policy. Turnbull is addicted to the renewable creed and will, as he once did before, sacrifice his leadership to keep it in operation. Turnbull’s lame response to Abbott’s challenge was to claim that h

Follow Trump: dump the renewable energy target

The Spectator Australia, 24 January 2017

The Trump victory came with his pledge to take the US out of the Paris agreement on climate change. This leaves only the EU among the major emitters of greenhouse gases (the others being China, India and Russia) still forcing its consumers and industries to accept high-cost electricity largely through imposing renewable energy requirements upon them.

Ford’s Ontario has Nothing to Learn from Australia’s Climate Plan

The gilets jaunes (yellow vests) demonstrations across the Atlantic against climate change driven fuel taxes offer Premier Doug Ford yet another reason to congratulate himself on repealing Ontario’s carbon tax. Less reassuring however is the speculation that he is to introduce a measure similar to the Australian ‘Emissions Reduction Fund’ (ERF). A sop to the leftists within the Australian coalition conservative parties, this provides funding for a reverse auction where, instead of taxing all e

The Wind Has Changed

Quadrant Online, 8 December 2016

Problem is, the Turnbull government hasn't noticed that president-elect Trump is about to knock the well-funded wheels off the global alarmism industry, as his cabinet picks confirm. Instead, we're told to lie back, think of Paris and make our own green rent-seekers so much richer. Foreign Minister Julie Bishop illustrates the total lack of awareness of how the world has changed, having just reaffirmed Australia’s support for the disastrous Paris Climate Accord at the same time that US preside

Queensland and Victoria seeking to feast off national economic amputation

Catallaxy Files, 14 October 2016

There are those who say if you force people to invest in horses and buggies and use these for half of their road trips we would all be better off. Not for them the superficiality that this would reduce real incomes as a result of investing in technology that is higher cost, prone to breakdown and can only operate when the horses are not resting, eating or carrying excessive weight.

Will Trump’s EPA Administrator drain the swamp or create a new one?

Catallaxy Files, 29 November 2016

One of the most important issues for Trump is the staffing of the EPA. Trump has said “We are going to get rid of it in almost every form. We’re going to have little tidbits left but we’re going to take a tremendous amount out.” But there are doubts about whether he will be able/willing to carry this out. Reagan also said he would eliminate the EPA. He appointed Anne Gorsuch as the Administrator but, although she cut its budget, the agency went from strength to strength.

Trump changes the global carbon policy but Liberals just snipe at ALP

Catallaxy Files, 28 November 2016

There is no doubt that Josh Frydenberg accepted a poorly dealt hand when he took on the combined Energy and Environment portfolio following the Commonwealth election in July of this year. Starting with John Howard in 2001 successive Australian governments have bowed to the combined power of the renewables lobby and some ministers’ own blinkered ideological acceptance that we must de-carbonise the economy. To his credit, John Howard has since recanted and described his own introduction of the “two per cent renewables” policy (the expansion of which he resisted to the end) as his worst policy decision. In The Australian today Josh Frydenberg again demonstrates that the ALP energy and environment proposals are even more disastrous than those the government has in place. The ALP originally supported the government program whereby, mainly ruinously expensive, renewable energy must comprise 23.5 per cent of total supplies by 2020. But Bill Shorten took to the election an even more extreme and uncosted policy of 50 per cent renewables by 2030. Mr Frydenberg says the ALP policy will cost tens of billions of dollars more than that which the government has in place. He claims the Renewable Energy Target (RET), which is at the heart of that policy, costs a mere $55 or 3.7 per cent annual impost on the average household electricity bill. Actually, the real costs of greenhouse gas abatement are currently $5 billion a year as illustrated below.

Trump: the ghost stalking Marrakech

Catallaxy Files, 16 November 2016

Having attended the December 2015 Paris Climate Change conference as one of the 0.1 per cent not sharing the fervour, I cannot suppress my schadenfreude about the Marrakech follow-up. Nor, I imagine, can another participant opposing the herd, Myron Ebell, who is now busy in Washington writing the Trump administration’s blueprint for its unravelling. Envisaged as further icing the economic death cake of commercial energy with the US headed by a President-elect even more dedicated to the attacks on commercial energy than Obama, all we now see is long faces and sour, plaintive comments.

Trump victory a win for coal-powered energy

Herald Sun, 11 November 2016

This week, two events look likely to transform Australia’s politically created, catastrophic energy policy. First there was the announced closure of Hazelwood which produces a fifth of Victoria’s electricity. Secondly we have the Trump victory which mercifully will undermine the injurious climate and energy policies Australia has followed. Hazelwood’s closure was caused by government actions. Federal energy Minister Josh Frydenberg blamed Victoria’s Labor government saying it had, “pursued an ideological approach which has meant that they have traded away blue-collar jobs in the regions in order to win green votes in the cities.’’ While Labor did deliberately plan the plant’s closure, the Coalition is also culpable because Hazelwood saw its life drained away by the Commonwealth’s renewable energy target.

More green energy costs to placate activists and their financiers

Catallaxy Files, 27 October 2016

The trove of emails that Wikileaks is publishing help to explain what drives political decision taking. This is especially evident in the environmental sphere. US “charities” linked to Clinton campaign are funding lawfare and other opposition to Australian coal, oil and gas developments. International finance flows to influence policy on climate change also go from Australia to the US. Wikileaks reports an email to Hillary campaign chief John Podesta as “Here is the plan to go after WSJ and FOX on climate. I have 500,000 of this pledged if I can raise another million. It’s a real pledge from Graeme Wood in Australia. I sure hope something like this can happen it’s long overdue.” Podesta has had many green business links to tap into subsidies including with Russian interests he now disowns.

One Good Thing About Trump…

Quadrant Online, 22 September 2016

Should he claim the White House on November 8, the US will reject the obligations of the Paris climate accord. Like him or not in regard to other of his stated goals and policies, a ferocious disdain for the economy-hobbling rent-seekers of Big Wind and the like is a powerful recommendation turbine fireUnlike previous presidents, Barack Obama has no intention of going quietly into the night. His approval ratings remain above 50% and he’s using that clout to make the Paris climate agreement a key element of his perceived “legacy”, pursuing that goal with threats and blandishments.

Optimism on costs of abatement from the Climate Change Authority

Catallaxy Files, 1 September 2016

I have an article in the Spectator on line Garbage–in-garbage-out plus a little tampering, on the report issued today by the Climate Change Authority. The report offers some soothing bromides about the chances of Australia reducing its carbon dioxide emissions at modest cost.

The Climate Change Authority: garbage in, garbage out (plus a little tampering)

The Spectator Australia, 1 September 2016

There have been several hundred Australian analyses of climate change policy and its costs and benefits. Most have provided profundities and attractively presented impressive looking modelling, normally demonstrating that the medicine, though bitter at first, will make us better and possibly richer in the long run. The latest such document is that of the Climate Change Authority and it does not disappoint.

Another day, another piece of climate alarmism

Catallaxy Files, 24 August 2016

The alarmist John Connor from the Climate Institute has issued a paper claiming that a 2 degree C change in global temperature would be disastrous but we could live with a 1.5 degree warming or, as he put it, “warming of 1.5°C would (still) see current extreme heat waves, droughts and mass coral bleaching events on the Great Barrier Reef becoming the new normal.” Graham Lloyd addresses the paper in The Australian today.

Self Harm from Australian government management of natural resources

Catallaxy Files, 12 August 2016

Just when it seemed that in NSW we had one Australian government that was pursuing sound if uninspiring policies, Mike Baird proves us wrong. Even without the disgraceful arrogance of the ban on a sport much loved by the lower orders, the Premier has demonstrated himself no more fit to govern than the green left bludgers in charge in Queensland, Victoria and South Australia.

Revolutions, Taxes and the Coming Revolution

Quadrant Online, 5 August 2016

There was a time when leaders were elected to prevent the sovereign spending the money of the voters, but those days are long gone. Now legislatures plunder the productive to appease rent-seekers and the mendicant. Encouragingly, the portents for change are everywhere and growing rent-seekerIn announcing even more funds plundered from taxpayers and diverted to negative value-added CSIRO climate change spending, Environment Minister Greg Hunt has said both he and Prime Minister Turnbull have “clear and strong views” on the value of “the science”. It would be wonderful if those views were confined to the two of them. The fact is that, in so many respects, the issue of climate change is, as Kevin Rudd said, “the greatest moral issue of or time”. It is the fault-line that divides socialists from free marketers, from those who see the interchange of goods and services as leading to oppression and cheating and those who recognise it as the source and reason for our prosperity.

Energy and Environment an Unhappy Marriage

Herald Sun, 22 July 2016

Environmental programs, especially those targeting carbon dioxide emissions, have come to dominate energy supply policies over the past 20 years. Hence, following the federal election, energy and environment policy has been merged into one ministry under Josh Frydenberg. Last year in Paris, Australia like many other nations committed to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide by 26-28 per cent by 2030. Integral to this are policies to force the replacement of coal-generated electricity by renewable energy. Australia’s policies include lifting the current 6 per cent share electricity supplied by large scale renewables (mainly wind) to 14 per cent by 2020. In addition, there will be over 7 per cent in small scale (rooftop) generation

Cairns: global warming means unbearable heat

Catallaxy Files, 6 June 2016